​The latest in automation technology provides greater control over the security of your home and family. Put energy and money saving functionality at your fingertips. Control your locks, lights, thermostat, or any electronic device on demand, a schedule, or remotely.

Our Business is to Protect Yours

ASI gives you the tools you need to control all aspects of your company.

Safes, Vaults, Secured Containers

​​Securing inventory, cash, and other valuables is often a priority, and using the proper type of container will save money time and resources.


​Protecting your investment is a 24 hour a day job.  Secure your perimeter and detect any motion or sound throughout your business.  Be notified immediately if any intrusion occurs by our excellent monitoring stations.

Access Control 

Control is essential when it comes to physical access to your company.  Predetermining who should have access, to where, and when, allows your company to flow and still retain security.

Camera surveillance 

View every corner of your office, showroom, or warehouse live or recorded.  Be notified the instant motion is detected by your cameras and view any video feed while you are at the office or on the go.